Himmat Plus is women safety mobile application of Delhi Police.

It was launched on 1 January 2015. The app was freely available for Android mobile phones and could be downloaded from Delhi Police website.

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Launched 2015 68,318 downloads

In January 2015, when it was launched by Union home minister Rajnath Singh, it got 68,318 downloads and 19,474 registered users.

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2016 Another 10,000 users

In 2016, another 9,799 new users came on board. To encourage more people to download Himmat, the Police decided to relaunch it in April this year, unveiling new features to make it more user friendly.

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Android and iOS platforms

The app that was earlier launched in English and only for Android-based phones was now made available in Hindi as well and on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Available in Hindi and English

The revamped version, called Himmat Plus.The Delhi Police said that the new app has been made bilingual and will be available in Hindi and English.

himmat plus women safety solution

Let’s Take A Pledge For Women’s Safety. With a great Initiative Of Delhi Police , Fever 104 Fm is spreading awareness of Himmat Plus Mobile App . Today, more than 68% of women in India are victims of crimes and violence. HPM Chemical & Fertilizers Ltd. has decided to join hands with HIMMAT PLUS to stop crimes against women . Let's make our country safe for each woman. The fact that the App had only 30,821 registered users in a city with a population of almost 1.9 crore . The committee noted the submission of the Delhi Police regarding the status and number of users of Himmat App and felt that this App has "failed to serve the purpose" for which it was introduced with much fanfare. According to the Delhi Police, the app has 40,677 registered users and is downloaded by 1,06,581 people.

The app, which has been launched as a pilot project, can be used by women across the city. The app would act as a deterrent to crime and empower women while traveling. Women are vulnerable while traveling. This upgraded app will empower them and boost their confidence. Now the HPM Chemical & Fertilizers Ltd. has decided to diminish this issue by joining hands with HIMMAT PLUS . Lets join hands together and make our country safe for each woman....