Our Management Team

HPM’s Management Team comprises of industry leaders and visionaries leading the company’s activities towards milestones in quality and growth. With emphasis on: technological growth, relationship building, and utilizing opportunities, they strive to elevate HPM’s scope of business to new heights and horizons.

Shri Ashok Aggarwal

Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, CMD of HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. has over 40 years of experience in agrochemical industry and leadership roles. Mr. Aggarwal is strong and dynamic personality who believes in himself. Mr. Aggarwal always says " Stop giving others the responsibility and power to the outcome of your life. Stop looking to others, and be your own Hero, be the best you that you can be. Master yourself with self-discipline every day". These are the few lines of Mr. Ashok Aggarwal's success. Mr. Ashok Aggarwal is a motivating head with sterling characteristics. Many Youngsters and businessmen influenced with his behaviour, examples, and his roadmap of success. For some,despite everything he remains a symbol, a good example to be emulated. He inspires and engages his team with each interaction and provide opportunities for farmers to continuously discover, learn, develop and contribute to the nation. Mr. Aggarwal has a long track record of improving operational business profitability and driving performance by combining effective financial stewardship with business partnership. Under his stewardship, agro-based strategies have resulted in program implementation that has increased the depth and breadth of positive impact on the lives of farmers. Along with his official work Mr. Aggarwal has involved in many corporate social responsibilities. Time to time he has been doing many CSR activities for public welfare , education and for the environmental safety .

He is honoured with The Person of the Year in may 2018, for his ‘extraordinary and prominent service to agrochemical industry.
Many other prestigious awards and titles have been conferred on him, including Udyog bharti Award from Indian Achiever Forum, Business Sphere Award from Business Sphere Magazine for manufacturing No 1 quality agro chemicals and farmers satisfaction, 5000 Best MSME Awards by India 5000 For Outstanding contribution in quality & excellence. In his leadership HPM has been awarded with the titles "India's Most Promising Brand by WCRC" in Aug 2017, "Globe Premium Award" for pioneer in quality , "World's Greatest Brand by Asia One Magazines" and "Prestigious Brand Rising 2018 from BARC" Asia One " World's greatest leader 2018-19" by the URS Media Consulting and Asia One Magazine and many more.

Interview with Fasal Kranti

Interview with Krishi Jagran

Tapasya Goel
Executive Director

Executive Director of HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Mrs.Tapasya Goel has held leadership roles across many different businesses and activites. Prior to joining HPM, Mrs. Goel involved in many social activities. Mrs. Goel is known as an inclusive leader who has a track record of delivering enterprise value through strong engagement and well being for our farmers. Mrs. Goel has a demonstrated reputation of conveying strong execution and profitability enhancement while keeping up customers requirement and company values. Experienced in many different fields, she is a strategic, innovative thinker who challenges the status quo and is adept at engaging peers and bringing the company with the Up-Scale Automation Model.
Her experiences across multiple areas, geographies and agro-business functions bring a broad perspective to her leadership style. An Energetic Woman, Dynamic and extremely smart-working, she is an active mentor and coach to various people both inside and outside HPM. Tapasya Goel's mission is to lead change with strategy development and execution that creates a secure path to the future and keeps the agriculture at the centre so HPM can contribute to farmers needs worldwide.

Message from Executive Director

Tapasya Goel is known by many different identities such as a social worker, entrepreneur, but her most prominent and eminent role has been an executive director of HPM. Her strong acumen for business has helped the company garner as much as worth of crucial deals within the last couple of years. She has contributed majorly in expanding the horizons of the group globally. Mrs. Goel has been awarded the Mrs. Goel has been awarded with the "40 Most Influential Leaders Under 40 Award" by the URS Media Consulting and Asia One Magazine in May 2018. She got National Quality Excellence Innovative Leader Award for her commendable work and her business achievements and being an inspiration to India’s corporate leadership. She got Icons & Crusaders Business Achievers Awards for "Women entrepreneur of the year" by Navdrishti group. Recently She has received the AsiaOne "Black swan Women Empowerment Award" by the URS Media Consulting and Asia One Magazine in may 2019.

Shri G.R. Aggarwal

With more than two decades of experience at HPM, Mr. G. R. Aggarwal has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His administrative acumen and managerial skills have made worthy contributions to the manufacturing practices at HPM.

His journey at HPM started in 2005 and since then he has set high standards for excellence and diligence in all his endeavors. He has a vast experience and expertise in leading a large team of people along with management capability and ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Dr. J. S. Dhillon
President – Marketing

Dr. JS Dhillon is a well renowned personality in Agrochemical industry. He is M.Sc. Agronomy from UAS Bangalore, PhD Agronomy from CCS HAU Hisar. His MBA is specialized in Marketing. He has worked for eminent associations like Gharda, UPL, SWAL, Willowood for over 2 decades in agrochemical sector. He has been associated with Adventz in fertilizer sector till recently. HPM is proud to associate with Dr. JS Dhillon as President Marketing. He is techno-business professional with pan India experience. He worked in various capacities across Research, Development and Marketing. His working strategies and expertise has set an example across career path of 23 years. He has exemplary track record of achievements matching to his business practices and ethics. His systematic approach coupling ground realities has been valued that makes him a genuine assets for the organization. He is meticulous in planning to help team make transformations to qualitative advantage. His success story excites the imagination of a new generation . The corporate philosophy he followed is short, simple and concise: “Think differently, Think collaborative, Team to aim for the Best.” Under his mentoring, HPM is aiming to transform growth of staff by actively increasing the solution needs of farmer community. His contributions to the social and economic development of the companies are many and recognized by numerous organizations. Under his stewardship, HPM will enjoy a position of leadership.


Mr. Akhil has been consistent with his overall duties which includes Control over-all Financial discipline, Financial Compliance. He is responsible for preparing Annual Budget of the Business Unit in co-ordination with operations & administration. He has always been confident and hardworking & has the ability to work in stressed situation. Mr. Kansal is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented. He deals with correspondence, collate information and develop reports, ensuring decisions made are communicated to the relevant company stakeholders. He monitors changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and take appropriate action. He contributes in meeting discussions as and when required, and advise members of the legal, governance, accounting and tax departments of the implications of proposed policies. Mr. Kansal guides whole team about the day-to-day management and also maintaining current awareness about the company law.


Mr. Jasbir heads all the IT department of the HPM India, he is responsible for the successful implementation of the SAP protocols towards better reports generations & providing of information on the real time basis. His networking has helped us secure better firewalls across all our offices in India & he is continuously been working towards achieving the greater good with the team.


There are numerous duties which Mr Gulshan has been fulfilling to the best of practices. Processes like PO Creation form Purchase Requisition (PR to PO Process), change Order management, dealing with INVENTORIED and REPAIR PO's, dealing with OEM and NON OEM both International vendors have been taken up by him. But he also looks forward to follow- up with the suppliers through the reports to acknowledge the PO or the delivery.

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